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GOES Student Lab's notes

Student GOES Team with Prof Larry Leefers. Student GOES Team with Prof Larry Leefers.

Prof Larry Leefers were leaving us for good.

Thank you very much Professor Leefers for what you have done and given to us.

We feel very lucky and proud to work with you. You are very kind to us. You well understand our problems and difficulties here in the US. You give us the guidance, constructive feedbacks, and good mentoring.

Larry: Thank you! Good-byes are always a challenge, but I wanted all of you to know how I have enjoyed interacting with you. I have been reassessing my priorities, and have decided to refocus part of my life. And I decided it was time to leave Manly Miles in body, if not in spirit.

I have treasured working with everyone there, and the four of you are an important part of the lab.

The Bible quote that I had trouble reading to you…

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